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It's just a tiny obsession...


Welcome to my site about dollhouse miniatures. I built this site to share pictures of my projects and handmade miniatures. Below is a button to my blog detailing how I made many of my miniature pieces, and which may provide inspiration for your own endeavors. Links to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, can be found in the page footer. Feel free to look around, and stay awhile. If you want to support my tiny obsession, there is also a button leading to my dollhouse miniatures for sale.


- Margie

What's new?

If I'm up to anything new, you will find it on this page.


Maybe I've created a youtube video I want to share, or a tutorial I've put on my blog. Stay up-to-date by checking out this page.

My Dollhouses

Check out my dollhouses on this page.


From the first dollhouse my grandpa built for me, to my recent acquisitions. I'll share the details and pictures on this page.

Custom Room Boxes

Find pictures and information about the room boxes I've created.


I really enjoy making miniature room boxes. They allow so much creativity, and present a fun challenge. See what I've built on this page.